The course will culminate toward creative student projects as the final assignment, starting with a mid-term project proposal where students will outline the content and objective of their product in consultation with the instructors and each other. Students will be encouraged to draw from their own disciplinary expertise and/or interest, and also utilize the assignment to enrich or kickstart their immersion project, if applicable. Thus, projects may vary in form depending on the student’s major and interest, ranging from creative writing, short films, ethnographic surveys, apps, videogames, programming tools, service platform designs, and more.

Project proposals will articulate the content of the project; rationale behind the choice theme/subject/material, including how it aligns with the course topic of AI ethics; how the medium/form informs and embodies the content; and a draft rubric for how the project should be assessed — the draft rubric will be discussed and “finalized” with the instructors.

Throughout the second-half of the semester, students will collaboratively work on their projects, and present their final products in a Research Fair-type final conference at the end of the term before submitting their work. Each student will also be asked to submit a reflection essay (min. 250~ max. 500 words), critically analyzing (1) why they chose the medium/form/content of the project (and how that contributes to the instantiation of their objective), (2) how they mobilized learnings from the class, (3) and the new knowledge / learnings the students, as a group and/or individual created, with particular emphasis on the ethical implications of relevant technology that they discussed, designed, developed, and/or deployed. 

After the class conference fair, each of the project groups will submit a collaborative project report. See HERE for details. Deadline for submission is April 17th, Friday, after the last day of class.