Four papers accepted to ACS 2020

Congratulations to James, Joel, Ryan, and Patrick!

Ainooson, J., Michelson, J., Sanyal, D., Palmer, J. H., and Kunda, M. (2020). Strategies for visuospatial reasoning: Experiments in sufficiency and diversity.

Michelson, J., Sanyal, D., Ainooson, J., and Kunda, M. (2020). A measure of visuospatial reasoning skills: Painting the big picture.

Yang, Y., McGreggor, K., and Kunda, M. (2020). Not quite any way you slice it: How different analogical constructions affect Raven’s Matrices performance.

Hua, T., and Kunda, M. (2020). Modeling Gestalt visual reasoning on Raven’s Matrices using generative image inpainting techniques.