Ryan Yang receives Best Student Paper award at ACS Conference

Way to go, Ryan! Ryan received the inaugural Patrick Henry Winston Award for Best Student Paper at the 2020 Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS) conference.

From the award selection committee: “Yuan Yang’s paper on the Raven’s Progressive Matrices provides a clear description of the problem space for visual analogy from the pixel level to the rules that operate over them and the similarity criteria necessary to guide reasoning. From a cognitive systems perspective, this work highlights the importance of combining high-level control with low-level representations to achieve high performance on this challenging cognitive task.”

Yang, Y., McGreggor, K., and Kunda, M. (2020). Not quite any way you slice it: How different analogical constructions affect Raven’s Matrices performance. Eighth Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS). Winner of the inaugural ACS Patrick Henry Winston Award for Best Student Paper. [pdf]