First Version: Papers on Büchner’s “Leonce and Lena” – Peer-editing!

Now that your rough drafts are posted on the blog, please peer-edit one of them (i.e. one that has not been peer-edited yet). You should offer some helpful advice or ask a question that might lead the writer to develop a point in more depth. Points to consider (don’t try to speak to all of them): titles (aren’t they great?), hooks, thesis statements, transitions, supporting examples and direct quotations, pitfalls of repetition, concluding remarks (do they open up a window on a new aspect, or are they in the shape of an hourglass, as one of you mentioned he learned in another course). Does the essay give a creative twist that enraptures you? Why? Don’t worry about the format of citations or the works cited; that will come in the final version. You will need to format your third paper according to MLA style as well, so nothing you do here is for a grand purpose.

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