People murder, Beasts kill

I think the language that Frankenstein uses alludes to his creation’s humanity. Frankenstein repeatedly calls him a murderer, and I wanted to point out that animals and beasts do not murder. They kill. They kill for survival, and protection, and for food, but Frankenstein’s creation does not kill for these reasons. He does so out of rage and anger which is an emotional response. Animals are not vindictive. People are. Being a murderer is subtly different in that the word implies that the person is conscious of the killing and its implications. Only humans can be murderers so I think Frankenstein made a human.

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One Response to People murder, Beasts kill

  1. Brianna Knight says:

    I have to agree with you. He made a grown man pretty much but it was more like a grown man with a newborn baby’s mentality. As the monster got older, it learned and developed just like a child does. He learned to make his own decisions. You could also tell by the way he talked that the monster knew the difference between right and wrong. So he, just as a human would, made a conscious decision to kill people because he was hurt and didn’t get his way.

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