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April E. Stevens is currently a Part-Time Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University. She recently received her PhD in French Literature from Vanderbilt University.

Her research focuses on theater in the French colonies during the Eighteenth Century. In particular, her work explores questions of race and gender identity in the charged political environment of France’s Caribbean colonies.

Her dissertation was entitled Staging the Americas in Eighteenth-Century France and its Colonies. This dissertation studies the depictions of Indigenous Americans, Africans, and slaves on stage in Paris and in the colonies, illustrating how both sides of the Atlantic grappled with issues of race, gender, religion, and national identity in the New World.

April is also the Editorial Assistant for Wonders & Marvels, a historical blog with roughly 1,400 subscribers and a niche audience of over 30,000 readers.

To access a copy of April’s CV, click here: April Stevens CV

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