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Library Exhibit “Under the Influence: The Power of Propaganda” Opens April 19

Posted by on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 in HART, News, Student/Alumni, VRC.

Fellows-Propaganda-poster-forPR-page-001-673x1024Propaganda uses words and images to convey a message. Its persuasive nature makes it powerful. Using items from Special Collections in Vanderbilt’s Central Library, four undergraduates (also Buchanan Library Fellows) have curated an exhibit that explores diverse propaganda: Jorge Salles-Diaz (Propaganda of Oppression); David Zou (Campus Recruiting); McKallie Steen (Environmental), and Justine (Ji Yoon) Hong (War).

Under the Influence: The Power of Propaganda opens Thursday, April 19, at 2:45 pm in the second floor gallery of the Central Library, with a reception and informal tours with the student-curators.

The Fellows interpreted propaganda about war, college recruitment, oppression and the environment. Decide how you feel about their objects and consider the purposes behind them.  The exhibit runs through early August. Visit the second floor gallery at 2:45pm on the opening day (Thursday, April 19) and answer the question “Are you under the influence?”

The curators’ statement about the exhibit follows: Historically, propaganda has been able to control what we think; we want to reckon with this power and expose its mechanisms, objectives, and forms in different contexts and purposes.

Instant access to images and media means we need to question what we see. This is evident with the emergence of terms like “fake news” and “post-truth.” Though propaganda is inescapable, by understanding its nuances, we can better identify its impact on our behavior.

Our goal is to lift off the facade; to reveal the multifaceted functions of propaganda. This exhibit explores the diversity of propaganda in varied forms. Are you under the influence?

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