ABC’s newest show “Nashville:” The Top 5 Reasons Why it’s Bound to Be a Showstoppin’ Hit

A few weeks back I ventured to the TN State Fair to scratch it off one of my many Nash-inspired bucket lists. Somewhere between the neon lights of traveling rides and the sweet aroma of kettle corn lay the greatest attraction of them all: an advance screening of ABC’s new show, “Nashville.” Being among the first to see this highly anticipated show in the city of its birth, I was anything but calm about this experience. And boy oh boy was I blown away. From the ambience of the hidden Nashville music scene to the star-studded cast, this show is bound to be a success for ABC. I can babble on and on and on and on but, in short, here are my Top 5 of why I think this country music show is hitting all the right notes.

5. Hits on a Recipe for Success

On the most basic level, ABC’s network caters to a wide variety of audiences. From “Good Morning America” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to “Modern Family” and “Dancing with the Stars,” ABC’s got a little something for everyone. Nashville could be the show commanding more traffic for the network – more dramatic and mature than other rival-network and musically infused shows, like FOX’s “Glee.” The soap-opera-meets-musical-show played during primetime will work wonders for the network. A pinch of humor, a splash of drama, and a whole lotta country is the recipe for success for ABC.

4. Hits Up All the Secret Spots

As a recent Nashvillian, taking the big plunge from the North down to the South, Nashville has always been this unknown territory. For much of America, Music City is a mix of big hair, velvet jumpsuits, bedazzled cowboy boots, and the Opry (ahem, hello Dolly). The pilot alone already spotlights the nooks and crannies of what make Nashville the magical musical haven that it’s become. The show will hook the rest of America into discovering the mystery of this place – unlocking all the hidden treasures of this infamous town.

3. Hits a Sensitive Chord in the Industry

“Nashville” puts the struggles within this industry out there for discussion. In the show, country legend, Rayna Jaymes, is pushed aside to make room for the younger, sexier, crossover artist, Juliette Barnes. I’m sorry but doesn’t this sound a bit too familiar? Move aside Reba McEntire, small-town sweetheart from Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift, is here to steal your throne.

2. Hits All the Right Notes (quite literally)

“Nashville” music producer, T Bone Burnett, is to thank for the sweet country sounds intertwined within each episode. With an array of hits and 12 Grammy’s under his belt, Burnett works to incorporate both the commercial mainstream country into the show (welcome, Juliette Barnes!) as well as “all the edges” – what he describes as the low-key everyday Nashville moments (my absolute favorite so far). We all know about the glamorous twang of historical country music but what this show will provide is a peek into the rough, the raw, the legend-making songwriter moments of Music City.

1. Hits it Outta the Park: The All-Star League Cast

The absolute key to why this show is bound to be a network fave lies in the hands of its star-studded cast. Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere lead the pack as rival country sensations – Britton as the soon-to-be-has-been legend and Panettiere as the sassy and glamorous up-and-coming. Both actresses are widely famous, undeniably beautiful, and, coincidentally, former stars of mainstream football classics. Britton most known for her work on ABC’s “Friday Night Lights” and Panettiere stepping into commercial Hollywood at age 10 in Disney’s “Remember the Titans.” This dynamic duo alone will draw in extremely wide but very distinct fan bases that will avidly follow their work on the show. For female audiences, Eric Close emerges as Britton’s husband on the show; a man working to define himself musically beyond “Mr. Rayna James.” Beloved for his work on CBS’s “Without a Trace,” Close is a major player whose CBS following will flip on ABC to watch him crossover into this new realm of drama. Which brings me to my main point: Why will this star-studded cast alone be the key to bringing in viewers? Of course there have been other shows who have acquired equally if not more famous casts than this one. So… what makes this show so different? The music. Put critically acclaimed actors into the musical spotlight and you’ve pushed them far out of their comfort zones. Nothing makes the public happier than uncomfortable celebrities, right? Right. “Nashville” will be a way for all of America to witness the knees-shaking, sweaty palmed, nervous celebrity trying to tackle new territory. Connie Britton has spoken of her fear to show off her musical talent and the show’s biggest names have never been seen, or shall I say heard, in this way. The sheer element of curiosity alone will initially gain viewership to the show. Then, once seeing how the show’s hitting on all the right places, people will be coming back for more and more – making “Nashville” more than a one-hit wonder.

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