going green…very green

Along with a few other important election decisions last night, recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington:

“Thanks to their votes, we will now reap the benefits of regulation. We will create new jobs, generation million of dollars in tax revenue, and allow law enforcement to focus on serious crimes. It would certainly be a travesty if the Obama administration used its power to impose marijuana prohibition upon a state whose people have declared, through the democratic process, that they want it to end.” –Brian Vicente, co-director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana

Now, what does this mean for our carbon footprint? I really cannot tell. Here is what my research has come up with so far.

Huffington Post: “Specific energy uses include high-intensity lighting, dehumidification to remove water vapor, space heating during non-illuminated periods and drying, irrigation water preheating, generation of CO2 by burning fossil fuel, and ventilation and air-conditioning to remove waste heat….this energy use costs about $6 billion annually.”

Western Farm Press:

Fox News:

Scientific American:

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