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Virgin Galactic

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin records, Virgin mobile, and many other large companies has brought the dream of space travel to civilians. Finally, non-astronauts are able to roam through space and experience what very few have. This trip, however, is quite expensive and will not be able to be experienced by everyone. The starting price […] Continue reading

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The Hubble Telescope

After reading about the power of different telescopes, I became interested in learning more about the famous Hubble Telescope. I found a video that explains some of the telescope’s mechanics and I think it’s worth the watch. What is really fascinating is the sensitivity the Hubble Telescope has. It can detect a candle from Tokyo from […] Continue reading

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Navigation by the Stars

History Before the time of GPS devices, navigation apps, and even before the Earth was known to be round, humans were using the heavens to find their way around this hardly discovered planet. While land navigation could be made fairly easy by dead reckoning and using landmarks, this technique became infinitely more difficult once humans began […] Continue reading

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