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You live where?!?!

    Extremophiles are organisms that live under extreme conditions. There are several different categories for extremophiles, but the category I find most fascinating are extremophiles. Can you imagine living in an environment that is over 250 degrees Fahrenheit? I cannot. However, these organisms can. These organisms were discovered at Yellowstone National Park in 1966. […] Continue reading

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Technology in Astronomy

On of the most interesting parts of taking astronomy has been learning about current and future technology that can be used to observe the universe. Probably the coolest example is technology that could make interstellar travel possible. Such a thing isn’t feasible in the near future, but just knowing it is conceptually possible is mind […] Continue reading

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The presence of extremophiles makes the possibility of life off Earth way more likely. In our solar system alone, there are many places humans could not live but extremophiles could. Even on Venus it is possible that extremophiles could live in the upper atmosphere (though that’s about it for Venus). Unfortunately, finding life in the […] Continue reading

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My Changing Perspective of the Universe

Image Source Prior to my enrollment in this class, I rarely thought about the Universe around me. Furthermore, I never truly comprehended the vastness of the Universe. In fact, although I do have a better understanding about the immense size of the cosmos, I feel as though I still cannot fathom the true size of […] Continue reading

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SETI Institute

The existence of life outside of planet Earth is one of the greatest mysteries, but the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute is trying to solve it. Given our understanding about life and the vastness of the universe, it is not unreasonable to believe that there is life out there somewhere. So far, scientists have […] Continue reading

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New Zealanders

Picture from here. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. That’s what the Marines say. That’s what Life does, when you put it under extreme circumstances. The Anglerfish is one example of this adaptation and in this post, I’d like to take a look at some much simpler examples known as extremophiles. My parents recently took a trip … Continue reading New Zealanders Continue reading

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The Fabric of Time

  Einstein In later years of Einstein’s life he decided that the evolution of three-dimensional existence is flawed, and that …

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Bussard Ramjet: Interstellar Travel

Interstellar Travel Ramjet Interstellar travel is travel between stars. Interstellar travel is much more difficult than interplanetary travel because of …

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Observing the Solar System

I took this class because I wanted to learn more about the solar system.  Growing up, I really enjoyed learning about the planets and stars.  One of my favorite parts of the class was the observing.  I was able to see the difference between a red-shifted and blue-shifted star which before this class I wouldn’t […] Continue reading

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The idea that there is life that does not live and survive the way we do is very interesting.  I think humans have come up with an idea of what they are looking for when defining “life.” Yet, these extremophiles prove many of these ideas wrong.  They live in places humans never could survive but […] Continue reading

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