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Hubble Telescope

In April 1990 NASA launched the Hubble Telescope in an orbit around Earth. The telescope has been orbiting Earth for almost 25 years and is monumental in its contribution to science. The information gathered by the telescope has helped astronomers to narrow down the age of the universe down to a few hundred million years, […] Continue reading

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Jupiter’s Galilean Moons

Following our extensive discussion in class about the effects our Moon and the Earth have on each other (tides, speed of rotation) I became very curious about other planets and how they interact with their moons, specifically, Jupiter because it has a whopping 63 moons orbiting it. However, the main moons we ever really hear about […] Continue reading

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The 12…wait, there’s 13?…Zodiac Signs

If you’re like me, you identify pretty deeply with your zodiac sign. Although I don’t believe that every word of my horoscope is necessarily true, I still like to think that I embody all the qualities of a Leo. In addition, it’s entertaining to read my horoscopes from time to time, even though they aren’t… Continue reading The 12…wait, there’s 13?…Zodiac Signs Continue reading

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