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Global Warming – Who’s to Blame?

Nowadays, the issue of global warming has been growing in controversy and concern. The effects of it are already very noticeable – rising sea levels, the melting of polar ice, endangered species, and so much more. Many people believe that the greenhouse gases are mostly to blame, but that is not exactly the case. Greenhouse… Continue reading Global Warming – Who’s to Blame? Continue reading

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A Star In a Box

A solution to our energy problems? A star in a box. Taking the process of fusion that powers stars and recreate it on Earth can be the road to large quantities of energy with very little pollution and radioactive waste. One of the most efficient ways to generate energy nowadays is a fission reactor, but […] Continue reading

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Dawn’s New Home

If we want to understand the universe, we need to understand our Solar System first. And NASA is well underway to exploring every bit of our solar neighborhood. Just a couple of days ago the spacecraft Dawn send a message to NASA that it was “healthy and thrusting with its ion engine” in an orbit […] Continue reading

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