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Northern Lights

Auroras happen when charged particles from the magnetosphere travel to┬áthe Earth’s atmosphere and collide with its atoms and molecules, emitting the moving lights.But, the collisions of the charged particles do more than produce this incredible vision. Two operators of the American Telegraph Line between Boston and Maine held a conversation without battery power for two […] Continue reading

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Serious About Ceres

NASA’s Dawn started orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres last Friday, making it the first spacecraft to ever orbit a dwarf planet. After a seven and a half year, 3.1 billion mile journey, Dawn reached the small, icy protoplanet that orbits the Sun in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres has been a bit […] Continue reading

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What if Earth is the Center of Our Solar System? (Part 2)

Previously, in my BLOG 4, I talked about the possible phenomena that can happen to terrestrial planets if the Sun and the Earth exchange their places in the solar system. This time, we will push further. Out between the regular orbits of the Mars and the orbit of the Jupiter, there is an asteroid belt … Continue reading What if Earth is the Center of Our Solar System? (Part 2) Continue reading

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