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Contextualizing Historical Astronomers

Sir Isaac Newton- Born: 12/25/1642, Died: 3/20/1726       Isaac Newton is regarded by many as the father of modern science. Not only did he come up with his three laws of physics, but he also invented calculus as he was trying to understand the orbital paths of comets he was observing. The application … Continue reading Contextualizing Historical Astronomers Continue reading

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Moon and Tides – The Magic of Gravity

Our sea has a periodic rising and falling phenomena. At a time, the sea will go up and reach to the peak, and at another time, the sea will go down and leaves us an island or a beach. This phenomena is called tides. The tides are mainly caused by gravitational force from Moon. When … Continue reading Moon and Tides – The Magic of Gravity Continue reading

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Privatization in Aerospace

In the past week, the Trump administration published a document, obtained by the Washington Post, that described its plans to cease funding for the International Space Station and leave the station up for grabs for the private sector. This is being done to free up the NASA budget for other Aerospace Endeavors. NASA currently spends … Continue reading Privatization in Aerospace Continue reading

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Absolute Hot

We all have heard about absolute zero – the coldest temperature possible. At this point, atoms cease to move completely. All heat is really is just the movement of atoms and the energy with which they’re moving. Hotter things tend to have more energy, and their atoms move more. Thermodynamically, it is impossible to reach … Continue reading Absolute Hot Continue reading

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  Picture: Artist depiction of gravitational waves at work Gravity has long been one of the most transfixing ideas in our universe. For centuries, we have tried to crack the code of what exactly lies beneath our 9.8 meters per second squared. Since the apple first dropped on Newton’s head, we’ve been pining to understand … Continue reading gravity.wav Continue reading

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A Powerful Letter

Chapter 3 explained to us how Galileo solidified the Copernican revolution, and sealed the case on how Earth would be viewed in perspective of the universe. In 1615, Galileo wrote a letter to Grand Duchess Christina, in attempt to accommodate his observations’ confirmation of Copernicanism with the doctrines and scripture of the Church. He held … Continue reading A Powerful Letter Continue reading

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Physics in the Olympics

We have all heard the joke which rings all too true: the Olympics need one average person competing for reference. Last night, olympic figure skaters dazzled the international community with their many spins and jumps. I found myself extremely curious as to how the skaters are able to spin so many times with apparent ease. … Continue reading Physics in the Olympics Continue reading

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The Map in the Stars

Getting around is always a difficult task. Even with supercomputers that fit in the palm of our hand and tell us how to get literally anywhere, we still get lost. That being said, it was much more difficult to navigate when all we had were the stars in the sky. Celestial navigation is a craft … Continue reading The Map in the Stars Continue reading

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The Fate of the Universe

The Universe may have begun in the widely accepted theory of the Big Bang. As a simple summary, the Universe began as an infinitely small, infinitely dense singularity which has since inflated for 13.8 billion years into the Universe we know today. No single theory, however has claimed the most likely outcome for how the Universe … Continue reading The Fate of the Universe Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are Up Above the World So High Like A Diamond in the Sky Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are” We all know the song, but do we know the science behind it? What actually causes stars to twinkle? Despite what that question […] Continue reading

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