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Don’t Take Light Lightly

  When you hear the word “light”, a few things might pop into your mind – the Sun, lightbulbs (or artificial lights in general), or maybe even the colors of the rainbow. What you probably don’t think about are the other forms of light on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The fact of the matter is that […] Continue reading

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Time Travel

Anything that has mass can bend the “four dimensional fabric” of space-time. This bending in space, known as gravity, causes objects to move in a non-linear fashion through space. According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gravity can bend time. By this theory, time moves faster or slower depending on your speed relative to something else–if … Continue reading Time Travel Continue reading

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The Bighorn Medicine Wheel

Bighorn Medicine Wheel (View from above)   It is very interesting to think about ancient cultures that studied astronomy hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Among these cultures were the Native American tribes. Native Americans built structures, now known as medicine wheels, in places across what is now the US. One of the most … Continue reading The Bighorn Medicine Wheel Continue reading

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