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Sky Crane wow

  So you know how NASA thinks outside the box to solve crazy space problems? The Sky Crane on the … More Continue reading

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Can Elon Musk’s Dream Become a Reality?

Just last month, Elon Musk’s SpaceX used the worlds most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, to launch his personal red Tesla roadster into space, racing towards Mars. With a spacesuit-wearing dummy named ‘Starman’ at the wheel, the car is predicted to enter Mars’ orbit sometime in July, before exiting soon after. While Musk claims the purpose […] Continue reading

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Blog 4: The Sirens of Titan

One of my favorite novels is The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. As the title suggests a portion of the novel takes place on Saturn’s moon Titan, though this fiction is more concerned with the philosophical and not the realistic astronomical. I highly recommend it to fans of science fiction. Discovered in 1655, Titan is Saturn’s … Continue reading Blog 4: The Sirens of Titan Continue reading

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We Are Not Alone. (Probably)

    Life: one of the most unique, hard to find things in the universe. We have so much life on Earth, but it’s often something we take for granted. In the 200,000 years humans have existed on Earth, we have not found any evidence of life outside of our planet. Considering how vast and […] Continue reading

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Nuclear PR

The ability to harness nuclear fusion could revolution human society. From the time the universe was about twenty minutes to today, nuclear fusion has only been possible in extreme of environments. The blistering cores of stars, the supernovae explosions of red giants, and a handful of other celestial events were the only things that produced … Continue reading Nuclear PR Continue reading

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The Sun and the solar atmosphere.

The solar system is special in that it only has one star, the Sun, while most other systems have at least 2 stars. Because the Sun is very important not only for maintaining the solar system, but also for providing energy to keep the lives on Earth, it is important to know what comprises of … Continue reading The Sun and the solar atmosphere. Continue reading

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