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Where are the Aliens

The famous Fermi paradox asks a famous question: considering calculations that say we probably should have encountered extraterrestrial forms of life by now, why have we not? We wonder about the existence of intelligent life in the Universe other than our own. It is only natural, considering our own species’ discussion about possible colonization of … Continue reading Where are the Aliens Continue reading

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Lyft Making a Transition to Carbon-Neutral rides

Since the inception of ride share companies like Uber and Lyft, environmental critics have argued that these companies simply put more cars on the road, leading to increased carbon in the atmosphere. They claim that this would lead to greater air pollution. Also, many complained that an increase in these services would lessen the amount … Continue reading Lyft Making a Transition to Carbon-Neutral rides Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

The basis of the Fermi Paradox is that the probability of another intelligent civilization existing in the universe is so high considering the number of stars and the fact that each star has on average one planet, but this means that the probability of us finding evidence for such is also so high. The Drake … Continue reading The Fermi Paradox Continue reading

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The End

I n Astro 2110, we have looked at every from the birth of the universe to possibility of life outside of our own solar system. It has been an interesting journey, and since this class is coming to end I figure we take a moment to look at how the universe itself will die. Like … Continue reading The End Continue reading

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