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The Fermi Bubbles

The Milky Way is a flat disk, and if you put into human perspective it’s about the same proportion of a stack of 4 DVD’s. Putting it… Read more “The Fermi Bubbles” Continue reading

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Gravitational Singularity

Gravitational Singularity, or spacetime singularity, is a point with infinitely small size and infinitely big density, gravitational force and time curvature. At that point, no physicals laws we know right now can be applied. According to the big bang theory, our universe is expanded from a universe singularity. According to current theory, when an object … Continue reading Gravitational Singularity Continue reading

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The Olber Paradox

My appreciation for astronomy and astrological theorization and examination has increased significantly throughout this course.  From the periphery, astronomy seems overwhelmingly complex and unimaginable.  But, when you venture into the weeds and examine closely, it is remarkably intuitive and fundamental.  Still, certain phenomena have yielded contradictory conclusions that befuddle some of the brightest of minds.  … Continue reading The Olber Paradox Continue reading

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Incredibly species of microorganism and microbes have tested the limits of evolutionary theory as they have been discovered to survive an incredible range of extreme conditions.  These microbes, called extremophiles can survive in various extremes: incredibly high temperatures, near-vacuum condition of space, and in the freezing cold.  In fact, scientists have discovered microbes within the … Continue reading Extremophiles Continue reading

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The Dark Forest Theory

If you are interested in aliens and Fermi paradox, there is a must-read novel “The three-body problem”. The novel was written by a Chinese writer Liu Cixin, and in the novel Liu introduced a theory called “The Dark Forest Theory”. The theory has two axioms. The first one is that “survival” is the first need … Continue reading The Dark Forest Theory Continue reading

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Space Computers in Space

Hello friends, For my last blog post for ASTR 2110, I wanted to discuss a topic that I think is … More Continue reading

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Where is “I Love Lucy” Now?

She’s definitely past Proxima Centauri. On October 15, 1951, CBS first broadcasted a new show across the world.  I Love Lucy … More Continue reading

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