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Archeoastronomy is the study of how ancient civilizations understood astronomy. It examines past people’s cultures, religions, and lore and observes how it affected their art and architecture. There are many examples of this throughout history and through archeoastronomy, we can learn about the development of astronomical thought around the world. (Source) Archeoastronomy was developed through … Continue reading Archeoastronomy Continue reading

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Shaving for Science – the Principle of Occam’s Razor

One of the most crucial aspects of the Scientific Method is finding a model that fits observational data. However, what happens when multiple models fit our observations equally well? Which one do we choose? Here is where Occam’s Razor comes in. This principle states that we should generally choose the simplest model in such situations. […] Continue reading

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Newton’s Law of Gravitation and General Relativity

Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation first appeared in the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica in July 1687. It describes why that apple fell on Newton’s head (as some stories would have it), why we stay rooted to the ground (without drifting off into space), and why the Earth is locked in orbit around the Sun (among … Continue reading Newton’s Law of Gravitation and General Relativity Continue reading

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Yep, Physics Works. – Blog2

Physics is all around us in our daily lives, it’s the reason things…are the way they are. The reason we get from point A to point B and exist on this Earth the way we do. And yet some people don’t buy it, and it drives certain professors to use this demonstration: While entertaining, it … Continue reading Yep, Physics Works. – Blog2 Continue reading

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Blog #2: Special Relativity

Albert Einstein was one of the most influential thinkers regarding the fabric of the universe. Einstein’s major contribution to modern physics was his theory of relativity. The first part of this revolutionary idea was his special theory of relativity. Published in 1905, it established two major points: the laws of physics are the same in … Continue reading Blog #2: Special Relativity Continue reading

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Tidal Forces and Black Holes

Tidal forces on Earth are caused by the uneven gravitational pull from the moon (and less from the sun) on opposite sides of the planet. But what are tidal forces like for objects near a black hole, a celestial object we are unable to see or explore? The information scientists have collected on black holes … Continue reading Tidal Forces and Black Holes Continue reading

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Gravity’s Effect On Everything

Gravity has an affect on nearly everything in the entire universe. From galaxies, to solar systems, to planets and their moons, and even on the planets themselves (like the tides), if there are objects with mass then gravity is present. Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation explains the effect of gravity between objects. Newton’s Law says … Continue reading Gravity’s Effect On Everything Continue reading

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Gravity-Assists in Reverse

Gravity assist maneuvers are incredibly useful for sending spacecraft far into space. The maneuver is like a skiing parent using a pole to give their kid a boost. The parent loses a bit of momentum, but leverage their larger size to quickly speed their kid up. The same is true for a gravity assist. There, … Continue reading Gravity-Assists in Reverse Continue reading

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Light is Everything

I watched a Crash Course video on light that proved to be really helpful and informative. After watching this video, I realized the importance of spectroscopy and understood what light actually is. The scientific term for light is actually electromagnetic radiation, and even humans emit them. Once again, the video touched upon the wavelength spectrum. … Continue reading Light is Everything Continue reading

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Telescopes and Space

I don’t know about you, but without my glasses, I literally cannot see anything, even if it’s right in front me. Whether I’m sitting in the classroom trying to take notes from the professor’s lecture or trying to watch my favorite Netflix show, my ability to actually see anything with my naked eye is severely … Continue reading Telescopes and Space Continue reading

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