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Blog 4: Cosmology

Cosmology is the study of the origins and evolution of the Universe. Cosmos is actually just another word for universe. My favorite theory is the theory of the Multiverse (thank you Spiderman!) This theory states that we are just one bubble in an infinite series of bubbles, and that the differences between the Universes areContinue reading “Blog 4: Cosmology” Continue reading

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Blog 3: Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fission is a reaction (or radio decay process) in which the nuclear of an atom splits into two, smaller and lighter nuclei. This process produces gamma photons, and releases extremely large amounts of energy, which we then use to make our own usable energy. The release of the heat energy can be used toContinue reading “Blog 3: Nuclear Fission” Continue reading

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Breaking “c” and the Warping of Space-time

The speed of light, often denoted by the constant “c,” is faster than anything that we know. Although there have been attempts to get certain particles to travel faster than the speed of light, like when scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland tried to get a hold of neutrinos, no one has successfully brokenContinue reading “Breaking “c” and the Warping of Space-time” Continue reading

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