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Historical Astronomers in Context

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was important to astronomy because he was a master mathematician and calculator. He worked in conjunction with Tycho Brahe who, through his brilliant eyesight made a lot of readings. Kepler used these readings to make deductions of how the solar system and the universe work. His three laws still hold true today: […] Continue reading

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The magic of Stellarium

Have you ever accidentally stumbled upon something amazing? Like that burger joint you stumbled into when you were out late on Friday night and found out they served the most amazing cheeseburger? Finding out about Stellarium last semester had something of a similar effect on me. While previously I was left swooning over magnificent pictures […] Continue reading

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The size of the Universe

To say the Universe is big is a bit of an understatement. The monster truck parked outside is considered big, the girl sitting next to you in class is called big by some people in bated breath, the Big Mac is supposed to be big (says so in the very name). When we’re talking about […] Continue reading

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The enigma that is the Universe It is worth thinking about that we just discovered a galaxy that is 30 billion light years away. 30 billion light years! For those of you not familiar with how light years work, 1 light year is the distance covered by light in one year. So a galaxy 30 billion light years away is so […] Continue reading

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