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Growing up on the Moon

We talked a bit in class on Tuesday about what would happen to someone’s body if he were to spend too long in space. His bones would start deteriorating, his muscles would get weaker, and his body would produce less blood as he adjusts to zero G. I was reminded while we were talking about […] Continue reading

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Constellations of the East

When we were looking at star maps inside of Stellarium during class, I couldn’t help but think about how arbitrary all of the constellations seemed. If I didn’t know what shape to look for, I don’t think I would ever have found the same patterns in the sky. I decided to study┬áthe Chinese constellation system […] Continue reading

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What if the speed of light were 60 mph

In class the other day, we were asked about what we thought would happen if the speed of light were much much lower. I forget the exact number now, but I believe it was around 60 mph. I decided to research the subject a bit more.   Assuming that someone just flicked a switch one […] Continue reading

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