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Historical Astronomers in Context

My chosen astronomer is Galileo Galilei, who lived from February 15, 1564 – January 8, 1642 Events of the 1600’s during Galileo’s life Event 1: In 1632, the construction of the Taj Majal began, one of the most famous architectural feats in history. Event 2: In 1608, the famous Quebec city was established by Samuel de Champlain in Canada. […] Continue reading

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Many people are familiar with zodiac signs; as kids we often look at them for weekly, daily, or monthly advice from things ranging from crushes to personalities. Whether or not our zodiac sign determines who we are, the constellations they are based off on is entirely a reality. Each month, as the Earth moves around […] Continue reading

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Cosmic Calendar

The history of our Universe is extremely vast, and therefore might at times be a bit difficult to comprehend. In order to better take a look at the expansive history of the Universe, we can condense the large time period onto a single calendar year. This allows us to really grasp the amount of time […] Continue reading

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First Post

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