Campbell Flower: Vanderbilt Student

Class of 2022 class photo, taken during orientation. Image courtesy of Vanderbilt University

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First Post

My name is Josiah Gray, but my friends call me JD. I’m from Detroit and I came to Vanderbilt because it was too cold up there.

By Me

That photo above is the one painting I have made in my life. Objectively a poorly done painting, I’ll be the first to admit I am no artist. But it’s something that represents me, I like to do things my own way. As long as I’m sharing things about me, I’ll tell you about the video blog I made when I was a senior in high school. It’s called the Friday Fill, I made it for my high school newspaper website. Here is a link to the one video of the series that won an award.

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Intro Post

I’m excited for this course. I’ve always been interested about everything extraterrestrial! Below is a picture of a new member presentation and my unveiling as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The presentation was supposed to take place outside under the starry night sky, but the pouring rain had different plans for us…

Photographed by my brother in the Sarratt Student Center Cinema.
My fraternal reveal to the world 2 years ago.

Photographed by my brother outside of Kirkland Hall.
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Blog 0: An Introduction to Katie

Hello! My name is Katie. I am from Atlanta, GA and am excited for astronomy class this semester.

by me

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My First Post

A tree branch, weighed down by snow, blocks a walkway.
A tree branch, weighed down by snow, blocks a walkway outside North House at Vanderbilt University. 21st Avenue, Nashville, TN. 2016. Photo by JSpin.

A particularly brutal winter, especially because Nashville’s idea of dealing with snow is throwing salt everywhere and call it a day.

When I was a freshman, I would come to this spot outside North House to study and enjoy nature.

I said, “Excuse Me” to the tree as I walked past on my way to the Commons Center.

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Introductory Post

by me, Backpacking with my coworkers

Hey! Rivers Cornelson signing on. This webpage is to be the start of my perfectly formatted astronomy blog. The picture above is from my time with Moondance Adventures, website linked here.

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Intro Post

Here is a photo I took at Joshua Tree National Park, this is one of my favorite astrophotography pictures I have taken over the years.

by me

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Intro Post

I’d like to share a neat shrine I visited in Miyajima, Japan. The Itsukushima Shrine isn’t accessible at high tide and looks to be floating in the water. But, at low tide, you can walk right up to it.

Both pictures from Stewie Overseas
to have something to link to. And because they took better pictures than me.
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The final frontier

By me. Photographed at Percy Priest Lake

The evidence of space’s inspirational power is everywhere! Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut. Maybe you cried with your best friend watching E.T., grew up watching Star Trek with your family or dragged a date to see The Martian when it came out.

This awe is powerful. It keeps us pushing the boundaries of where a human can go, how far a satellite can reach, and how patiently we can monitor the stars.

I don’t need never-before-seen worlds to inspire this awe (though those are nice too). I have already seen plenty of things from my place on Earth to rattled me and made me realize how incomprehensibly big and far everything is. Eclipses, in particular, grab me when I think about how perfectly lined up the sun, moon, and Earth are. But I’m sure I don’t need to explain why eclipses was so captivating. Instead, I will leave you with this picture from last summer’s solar eclipse.

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Blog 0: Hello World

My name is Jiayu Kang and I am from Nanjing, China. I am a freshman at Vanderbilt.

Nice to meet you:)

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.
credit: 游戈昊
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