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Blurry Telescope

This is a picture captured by the famous Hubble space telescope. It looks blurry, because the team that designed the giant main lens didn’t properly account for the effects of gravity, causing the light to be refracted improperly. It took many years and many expensive maintenance trips to fix this error, but in the meantime, … Continue reading Blurry Telescope Continue reading

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Size and Expansion of the Universe

I have always thought that the universe is almost unfathomably huge, but until recently I had not spent much time contemplating how humans have determined this. While reading about the topic, I came across information about the Hubble Space Telescope. Not being familiar with astronomy, I did not know much about it or its purpose. […] Continue reading

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Hubble Images: Not as Easy as Just Taking Pictures

Most people have heard of the Hubble Space Telescope, a visible light telescope that has been orbiting Earth since 1990, and if they haven’t, they’ve probably at least seen some of it’s images of distant galaxies and majestic nebulae. These pictures are vibrantly colorful and awe-inspiring, but they don’t start off that way. All of […] Continue reading

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The Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope has been one of the most beneficial tools for discoveries and research since the beginning of the study of astronomy. When the Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990, it was sent 353 miles above earths surface where it would orbit earth at an incredible speed. The telescope orbits earth every 97 minutes. […] Continue reading

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