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What Is Life?

While talking about the search for extraterrestrial life, you may notice the difficulty in drawing a line between the living and nonliving. Bacteria are considered life forms, but viruses are not. Artificial Intelligence is able to do a lot of things that human beings can do, but it is not viewed as life by the … Continue reading What Is Life? Continue reading

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The Drake Equation

The Drake Equation is a formula that is commonly used to stimulate discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial life-  not to necessarily quantify the number of communicating civilizations. The Drake Equation uses many variables to quantify estimates for the number of communicating civilizations, but a number of them are quite controversial as they are not […] Continue reading

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Incredibly species of microorganism and microbes have tested the limits of evolutionary theory as they have been discovered to survive an incredible range of extreme conditions.  These microbes, called extremophiles can survive in various extremes: incredibly high temperatures, near-vacuum condition of space, and in the freezing cold.  In fact, scientists have discovered microbes within the … Continue reading Extremophiles Continue reading

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Why We Haven’t Been Invaded by Aliens

As we learned in class, the Drake equation can estimate that the existence of life should exist. The universe is huge, its been in existence for a very long time, and there is no foreseen limit to what can exist, especially life off Earth. Fermi’s paradox is super cool, creepy, exciting and puzzling all at … Continue reading Why We Haven’t Been Invaded by Aliens Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

After already having done research on the Drake equation and its implications for extra-solar life, the next question begs to be answered. If there really are so many earth-like planets out there that may have evolved intelligent life, why haven’t we heard from any of them? This is the underlying question that lies behind a […] Continue reading

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To Serve Man

Twilight Zone, one of the favorite t.v. series growing up. My favorite episode, the one that really stuck with me, was “To Serve Man”. In this episode, Aliens come to Earth with seemingly peaceful and helpful intentions. They just want to help and serve man. Plot twist: they were serving man alright… for dinner. This […] Continue reading

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Life on Europa?

For thousands of years, humans have considered the possibility of life existing on other planets – specifically those in our own solar system. Perhaps one of the most prime candidates for harboring life in our Solar System (other than our own planet, of course) is Europa – one of Jupiter’s 4 largest moons. Europa, the […] Continue reading

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Are We Alone?

  I’ll actually take the liberty of answering that. Of course not! How, in our exponentially infinite and ever expanding universe, could it have been us that just happened to luck out on the single life supporting planet? There is certainly other life out there, it’s just a matter of where and what type. Operating […] Continue reading

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Alien Life Closer to Home

Although intelligent life has yet to make its debut for us, extraterrestrial life may be a little closer that we typically think of- specifically Martian life.  No, no, not little green men or facehugger kind of Martian life, but microbial life.  And not just on Mars either!  The three likeliest candidates for elementary life in […] Continue reading

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Alien Life on Europa?!

A huge plume of water vapor has again been spotted emanating from Europa, Jupiter’s icy moon, boosting scientists’ confidence that the phenomenon is real. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope detected a 62-mile-high (100 kilometers) candidate plume near Europa’s equator in February 2016, researchers and agency officials announced today (April 13) – SPACE NASA and the ESA are planning […] Continue reading

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