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The Future of Space Exploration

One of the most interesting perspectives that Astronomy 201 has given me on space exploration is the role that funding plays. While in the past much of the money needed to fuel new discoveries came from government grants, budget cuts and restructurings have left astronomers with less and less funding from this outlet. The future […] Continue reading

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A Personal Satellite

Ardusat Breakdown Have you ever wished you could own your very own satellite? The space exploration hobbyist’s dream is coming true in a new arduino project called Ardusat. Developed by a company named Nanosatisfi, this product combines the open source user friendly interface of arduino technology with the space friendly CubeSat design platform. This project […] Continue reading

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Androids in Space

Continuing with the topic of privatized space exploration, some developers at Google have launched Android smartphones into space. Why, you might ask? Because they can. Seven payloads, with Nexus S’s as sensory modules, were sent into space on weather balloons. The data collected by the phones showed that the loads reached altitudes of over 30 […] Continue reading

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