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I always wondered how we were able to determine what chemicals are present in other stars in outer space. This video excellently and concisely teaches the basics behind studying this in terms of spectroscopy. Naturally, light is important in our viewing of the stars, but I never considered that the way different elements bend light … Continue reading Spectroscopy Continue reading

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HINS-Light > Purell?

Spectroscopy refers to the interactions between matter and light, or radiated energy, and the dispersion of an object’s light into its various wavelengths (i.e. colors). Dissecting an object’s light through spectroscopy helps modern astronomers determine the physical properties of stars. However, the study of light aids more than just astronomers in scientific battles today. New […] Continue reading

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The Art of Spectroscopy

To talk about spectroscopy, we first need to talk about its origins.  Spectroscopy was first discovered in the late 17th century by the late and great Sir Isaac Newton.  Although only the bare bones, Newton founded the idea that refracting … Continue reading Continue reading

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