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Spring retreat for our center successfully concluded

Posted by on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 in News.

On Monday (March 4, 2019), representatives of leadership throughout the Vanderbilt community gathered for a spring retreat to discuss the future of our center. We reviewed how we got to today, what we learned from our successes and struggles, and explored such questions as:

  • What does success mean for the center in the first two years?
  • How should the center be structured (beyond the established top-level leadership), and what mechanisms should it use, to facilitate cross-campus participation and collaboration?
  • What are some ideas for future projects that the center could explore?

Now the leadership at the center will convene in the coming weeks to review all the helpful advice and tips supplied at this retreat to help us make the most of the opportunities our center provides.

From those of us at the center, a very hearty thank you to everyone who participated and shared their wisdom.

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