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TPI gives 2018 update on jobs for Nashville folks on the spectrum

Posted by on Friday, March 8, 2019 in News.

Our partners at The Precisionists (TPI) established a presence in Nashville in 2017 by opening a local branch, an Innovation and Technology Center, in the Metro Center section of Nashville. They specialize in contracting out autistic employees to local companies looking to hire neurodiverse talent.

In 2018 (particularly the second half of the year), TPI formalized contracts with local businesses to begin pilot projects by hiring autistic talent. These companies include:

  • Asurion
  • HealthTrust, a subsidiary of HCA
  • Tractor Supply in Brentwood, TN
  • Vanderbilt University

These organizations join UBS Bank, the first local business to hire autistic talent in 2017 as early adopters of TPI’s innovative disability employment model.

Ernest Dianastasis, the CEO of TPI, said, “we have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into Nashville. Due to the positive growth in 2018, we have started 2019 with five significant and well-recognized companies committed to working with TPI utilizing our innovative disability employment model.”

To date, 19 locals with ASD have completed the month-long assessment and training program TPI uses to assess strengths and help train them for work. Of those 19, 14 are now employed through TPI, with negotiations ongoing to find employment for the other five, as well as the search for further opportunities for other members of the local ASD community.

For those few who are still waiting to find employment, Dianastasis acknowledged the pain of unemployment and expressed sympathy, stating, “please understand that this growth seldom occurs as fast as people hope, especially given the many years of rejection and frustration that many of (our) candidates, their families and caregivers have experienced. Just know that… if people remain patient and flexible, that the odds of sustainable employment and yes, even the chance to build a meaningful career, is attainable with us. Even if the first few attempts at employment may not have worked out, I strongly recommend you to stay committed to the program because eventually the right opportunity may present itself.

“Sadly, it will not work out for every single person we train and even employ. But, for most, it will.” He went on to invite anyone with questions to reach out to them, you can learn more at the TPI official website.


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