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Frist Center featured on Leadership Lab podcast

Posted by on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 in News.

Dr. Patrick Leddin started the podcast “Leadership Lab” to inform and inspire leaders in all walks of life. He has hosted illustrious guests from the realms of business, academia, activism and more. This past week, Leddin’s guest was Frist Center associate director Dr. Dave Caudel.

Leadership Lap podcast graphicIn the podcast, Caudel employs his own experiences as a self-advocate to provide the listener with insight into the autistic mind.  After telling his own story, he and Leddin discuss the breadth of the autism spectrum, and the many types of businesses which could benefit from recruiting employees on the spectrum. There are many skills and characteristics that often accompany autism which companies need (attention to detail, pattern recognition, high loyalty to the organization, etc.).

Caudel also provides guidance to co-workers and supervisors working with a neurodivergent employee. He advises anyone who communicates with an autistic person to never assume intentions, among other useful advice. You can find the complete podcast via Dr. Leddin’s website or by searching “Leadership Lab” on Spotify. The podcast is sponsored by FranklinCovey.


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