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Dr. Caudel chats with fellow self-advocate on ‘Life in a Neurotypical Universe’ podcast

Posted by on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 in News.

Frist Center Associate Director Dr. Dave Caudel is the most recent guest on autism self-advocate Tim Tim Goldstein Podcast CoverGoldstein’s podcast, “Life in a Neurotypical Universe.”

Both Goldstein and Caudel were diagnosed with autism as adults, and they discuss their lives pre- and post-diagnosis. Caudel also shares about the mission and progress of the Frist Center.

Caudel’s appearance on “Life in a Neurotypical Universe” will extend over three episodes. You can listen to the first installment here, and the second here. The third episode is at this link.

Goldstein has collaborated with the Frist Center previously on a tips sheet for managers and supervisors of autistic employees. Click here to view and/or download this resource.

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