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Partner company auticon featured by CNBC, CBS

Posted by on Monday, April 20, 2020 in News.

106489862-1586965010794auticongroup-2One of the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation’s partner companies is auticon, a Berlin-based tech consulting firm. auticon’s consultants are entirely on the autism spectrum, and number around two hundred. The firm employs another hundred non-consultant staffers who are neurotypical.

As organizations around the globe have shifted to remote work over the past two months to protect against the spread of coronavirus, auticon has followed suit. And luckily, it’s been a huge success for the majority-neurodivergent company.

In an article for CNBC, auticon US CEO David Aspinall attributes that success specifically to the firm’s autistic talent. He describes auticon’s neurodivergent workers as dedicated, skilled at using remote communication, and truthful about how they spend their time.

As Aspinall put it, “People on the autism spectrum commonly are very direct and honest. If you ask them if they are being productive working from home, they’ll tell you the truth. (If they were watching Netflix, they’ll tell you that, too.)”

On Wed., April 29th, auticon was featured in a CBS this Morning segment. Again, Aspinall bragged on his employees’ ability to successfully transition to remote work. One auticon employee also spoke to the CBS reporter about what is was like to find his employment fit at auticon.

To read the CNBC article, click the link above. To view the CBS video, you can click this link or hit play on the embedded clip below! And to learn more about managing neurodivergent employees, check out our Frist Center tip sheet.


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