Our research focuses on nanomedicine and nanophotonics. We design nanomaterials that can be activated with light (and other stimuli such as heat, pH etc.) and utilize them for biomedical applications. Current projects in my group include:
(1) imaging immunomarkers and response to immunotherapies,
(2) metabolic imaging with Raman spectroscopy for high throughput drug screening,
(3) examine how the mechanomolecular properties of nanomaterials impact their behavior in vitro and in vivo, and
(4) combinatorial photothermal immunotherapies to induce antitumor immunity.

Further details can be found in the links below

I. Immunoimaging and Metabolic Imaging 

II. Image-guided Combinatorial Therapies

III. Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Past Research Directions
Solar Energy Conversion and Fundamental Spectroscopy