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Our new foray into broader science communication: Podcasts (three in the past month!)

Posted by on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 in News.

1) Emily Matijevich & Karl Zelik were guests on the Running Medicine podcast, discussing their PLOS ONE publication on running biomechanics, injury prevention and wearables, and well as common myths and misconceptions related to ground reaction forces, impacts and loading rates.


2) Maura Eveld was interviewed as a guest on As It Happens – NPR/Candian Radio. She discussed her recent paper in JNER, which describes a novel stumble perturbation system and the cool science and technology that is emerging from research examining strategies people use to recover from tripping and avoid falling.


See Episode: June 21, 2019 (the segment starts at ~35 minute mark)


3) Shane King was then interviewed on another NPR podcast: Living Lab Radio. He discussed the stumble perturbation system and how insights from these experiments are now informing the design of robotic prosthetic knees.


See Episode from July 7, 2019 entitled “To Create A Better Prosthetic, Lab Trips People Over And Over”


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