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CREATE is recruiting new PhD students to join the team Fall 2020

Posted by on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 in News.

The CREATE faculty are excited to review graduate student applications for Fall 2020, and expect to have multiple PhD student openings.

Prof. Zelik is looking for students interested to perform research related to movement biomechanics, human augmentation exosuits for lifting or mobility assistance, wearable sensing technologies to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and/or lower-limb prosthetics.

Vanderbilt University has a vibrant and growing research community in rehabilitation engineering. Here I co-direct the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology (CREATE). The mission of CREATE is to restore health, mobility and independence to individuals with physical disabilities (or prevent injuries/disabilities from occurring in the first place) through advances in movement science and assistive technology. CREATE is comprised of three labs (Zelik Lab, Goldfarb Lab and Braun Lab), which are located together in our new Engineering & Science Building. We pride ourselves on being highly-supportive and highly-collaborative (with each other, with clinical partners located across the street at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and with various industry partners). We encourage you to explore the websites above for more information on our recent/ongoing projects, publications and conference proceedings, and to get a better sense for whether our engineering/research work and our research culture aligns with your goals and interests.

In summary, if you are interested in research on human movement biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, exoskeletons, exosuits, prosthetics, wearable robotics or other assistive technologies, then we would definitely encourage you to apply to Vanderbilt! Most students apply through Mechanical Engineering, but occasionally through Biomedical Engineering as well (this choice mostly affects the courses that you would take while in graduate school).

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