Zelik Lab for Biomechanics & Assistive Technology


National Biomechanics Day (April 10, 2019)

National Biomechanics Day (NBD) is an international event that seeks to increase awareness of biomechanics (the study of motion and force as applied to biological systems), particularly among high school students, teachers and the general public. The hope is to help incorporate biomechanics into high school curricula as a way to excite and enhance the learning of students in the areas of math, biology and physics. More generally, NBD is a scientific celebration of all things biomechanics including educational institutions, scientific societies, athletic entities seeking to improve performance and reduce injury, biomechanics, instrument manufacturers, and any commercial entities that use biomechanics to create or enhance their products or personnel.

NBD is organized by the American Society of Biomechanics and Vanderbilt University is excited to participate by hosting a day of science, technology, fun, curiosity and discovery on April 10, 2019. We are looking forward to hosting high school students/classes for this event, which will include interactive lab tours and hands-on demonstrations related to biomechanics, prosthetics and exoskeletons.

Last year, over 11,000 students across THE WORLD participated in National Biomechanics day, in locations ranging from the US, to Australia, to Brazil, to New Zealand!  Laboratories throughout the country provided hands-on, interactive demonstrations by faculty and college students that produced tremendous excitement about biomechanics among the visitors, as documented by the photographs on: Instagram & Twitter.  We hold a local NBD event at Vanderbilt University each year in our Biomechanics & Assistive Technology Lab, which is located in the newly constructed Engineering & Science Building.

Downloadable Flyer

9am-12pm: Students, teachers and counselors from local high schools visit
2pm-5pm: Lab Open House (open to all members of the Vanderbilt University community, and members of the surrounding Nashville community; all ages, children and adults, welcome!!!)

Engineering and Science Building (ESB)
Room 331/335/339
1212 25th Ave S
Nashville TN, 37212

Limited metered parking is located on streets around ESB, or ample paid visitor parking is available in the 25th Ave. Garage, which is located directly across the street from ESB.

If you are a local high school teacher, group organizer or administrator, and would like to inquire about bringing a class of students to the morning session, then please contact Prof. Zelik via email karl.zelik@vanderbilt.edu .

If you are a high schooler, or parent to a high schooler, and interested in attending, then we would encourage you to come visit during the afternoon Open Lab session.

If you are a company or organization interested in contributing to NBD 2019 either financially or in some other way (e.g., donation of biomechanics-related videos about your products or processes, listing our NBD event on your website, or any other in-kind or material donation) then please contact Prof. Zelik via email karl.zelik@vanderbilt.edu .

Thanks for reading, and for your interest! You can be sure that NBD 2019 will be an exciting and influential event that brings together biomechanical science, technology and sports to inspire high school students across the country.