Carlos is researching 21st century French war film and its depiction of minorities and immigrants.  This film genre is providing for important new visual representations of the significant role played by former colonial minorities in French history and culture.  It also opens a window into the present struggle of these minorities for equality and acceptance in France. He is actively working on his dissertation ‘The failure of French republican universalism for minorities in the Hexagon viewed through the lens of war film’.

Carlos represented Vanderbilt in the 2015 Dartmouth Institute of French Cultural Studies on ‘Culture and the Political’.

He has previously taken courses specializing in French film, Francophone literature, Transatlantic Hispanic film, War in French literature, Aesthetics of French Crime Film, French Jewish writers, Medieval travel literature, French linguistics and seminars on methods of teaching foreign languages.


Review of The Mayan in the Mall: Globalization, Development and the Making of Modern Guatemala. J. T. Way. AmeriQuests 10.1 (2013)

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