Washed in Blood: Male Sacrifice, Trauma, and the Cinema, Rutgers University Press, December 2011
*Winner, 2013 Book of the Year, National Communication Association, Critical/Cultural Studies Division

Selected Publications

“American Queerer: Norman Rockwell and the Art of Queer Feminist Critique,” Women’s Studies in Communication, forthcoming

with Isaac N. West, “This Could Be the Place: Queer Acceptance in Lars and the Real Girl,” QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking 1.3 (Fall 2014), 59-84.

A Single Man and a Tragic Woman: Gender Politics and the Fag Hag,” Feminist Media Studies 14.2 (May 2014).        *Winner Outstanding Article of the Year, 2014 Visual Communication Division, National Communication Association

with Joshua Gunn, “On a Violence Unseen: The Womanly Object and Sacrificed Man,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 99.2 (May 2013): 200-208.

“Car Crashes and Crosses to Bear: Trauma and Masculinity in Seven Pounds,” Journal of the Northwest Communication Association 40.1 (Winter 2012): 13-40, lead article.

“Unqueering Horror: Hellbent and the Policing of the ‘Gay Slasher,’” Western Journal of Communication, 74.3 (July-September 2010): 249-268.

“The Man Inside: Trauma, Gender, and the Nation in The Brave One,” Critical Studies in Media Communication, 27. 2 (June 2010): 111-130, lead article.

“It Cuts Both Ways: Fight Club, Masculinity, and Abject-Hegemony, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 6. 4 (December 2009): 366-385.

“Rogue Waves, Remakes and Resurrections: Allegorical Displacement and Screen Memory in Poseidon,” Quarterly Journal of Speech, 94. 2 (November 2008): 430-454.

“Acting Up and Sounding Off: Sacrifice and Performativity in Alice, Sweet Alice,” Text and Performance Quarterly, 27. 2 (April 2007): 124-142.

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