Our research is enhanced by a number of laboratory resources and connections with other campus resources and research centers.

Space: The lab occupies two suites of rooms in the Jesup and Hobbs buildings on the Peabody campus of Vanderbilt, providing us with ample room for research, collaboration, and study.

Computing: Our lab has several PC computers with a range of software for research, data analysis, and presentation, including E-Prime, SPSS, AMOS, Microsoft Office, and other programs.

Digital Videography: The lab is equipped with closed-circuit, digital cameras that send video feed to computers with behavioral coding software.

Statistical Supports: Excellent statistical support is available to our lab through departmental faculty, the Kennedy Center, and a Biostatistics Consultation Group.

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center: Our lab has strong ties to the Kennedy Center, where scientists and practitioners in behavior, education, genetics, and neuroscience work together to study human development and learning.

Peabody Research Office: Members of our lab have access to the Peabody Research Office, a center that provides research support to the Peabody community and facilitates new research collaborations and initiatives.

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