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Reflections from a Graduate HR

Posted by on Thursday, April 27, 2017 in Community.

Emily Thompson, Au.D., Ph.D. '19 Gillette House Head Resident
Emily Thompson, Au.D., Ph.D. ’19
Gillette House Head Resident

Emily Thompson, ’19
Vanderbilt School of Medicine, The Graduate School

Welcome to Vandy, Class of 2021!! From Fall 2015 onward, I have received the phenomenal privilege of serving as Head Resident Advisor for Gillette House – an incredible honor and dream come true!

A New England native, I graduated in May 2015 from the University of Connecticut with my Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Psychology. Presently, I am pursuing my Doctor of Audiology degree through the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, within the Graduate Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. Over the next several years, I intend to obtain my dual doctoral degrees (joint Au.D. and Ph.D. track) in audiology, with a clinical/research concentration in pediatric aural rehabilitation. 

I benefit from  the unique benefits of The Ingram Commons experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed building a cohesive “Gillette Family” of diverse leadership, peer collaboration, community engagement, and academic enrichment during each semester of my Vandy career. In essence, Gillette weaves a tapestry of myriad interests and talents into a vibrant network of successful students, educated leaders, and responsible citizens. By fostering intellectual curiosity and holistic personal development, Gillette House provides a supportive environment for meaningful interactions and genuine friendships. From lively dinner discussions with our Faculty Head, Dr. Dobson, to weekly “Gillette Gelato” programs, all G-House residents are encouraged to positively influence our Vanderbilt campus culture and global society.

In particular, I have appreciated the exceptional opportunity to learn from and partner with several superb Vandy mentors, including FHOH Dr. Dobson, Area Coordinator Toni Viola, Dean Beasley, and the DOC Office . I am eternally thankful for these Vandy inspirations, whose tireless support, insightful wisdom, passionate energy, and contagious enthusiasm infuses the entire Commons campus with an atmosphere of warmth, humor, and welcoming Southern spirit. From Commons Cup event planning and House Mix-Up festivities to routine ResEd commitments and (quite magical!) CommonVU Week choreography, their instrumental assistance, impressive decorating efforts, and creative poster contributions continue to invigorate and astound every member of our Vanderbilt team on a daily basis!

I have grown tremendously while working alongside the most  compassionate and dedicated Resident Advisor staff and House Advisory Council (HAC) imaginable during my 2-year tenure as Gillette HR. Whether chatting in the Gillobby kitchen or bonding over a spontaneous karaoke night, I have explored multifold topics on a deeper level with both my residents and RAs, from political issues or personal obstacles to daily victories and collegiate accomplishments alike. Each one-on-one conversation or group encounter throughout the semester has broadened my perspectives, strengthened my skill set, solidified my values, and fueled my resolve to become an even better human being, listener, companion, and role model for the next generation of Commodores.

Peace, love, and anchor down always, y’all!

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