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Time and Again

Inspired by H.G Wells,The Time Machine Forget the geometry you learned in 10th grade. A point has one dimension, a line two, and a cube three because it contains within it length, width and thickness. Thus we say, the cube exists three dimensionally. But what if the cube had all three dimensions but lacked duration, it would […] Continue reading

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Genetic Therapy, Boon or Bane?

In 50 years, science will progress and change society just as it has been for the entire human history. One of the technology might be genetic therapy, which will help with hereditary diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia and many forms of cancer. However, as with all technology, there are two sides to this piece of human […] Continue reading

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The next 100 years

Over the past several decades, advances in medicine and technology have allowed people to live progressively longer lives. In the future, it is highly likely that this trend will continue; within the next 100 years, I predict that the average lifespan in first-world countries will be at least 100 years. Additionally, I expect the trend […] Continue reading

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Do you love me, Siri?

“I respect you.”  says Apple’s nascant technology back to me in her monotonous tone.  While some might argue that Apple’s Siri acquisition brings forth a product that is more for show than is actually useful, I am reminded strongly of all my childhood experiences watching Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other science fiction space opera for […] Continue reading

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Of Nether Rays and Infernals

When I heard the blog topic for this week, my mind jumped in excitement at all the possibilities. However, this elated feeling quickly evaporated once I realized how difficult the choice would be for me, making me carefully consider the pros and cons of all of my top choices. Eventually, I decided upon my final […] Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: Deus Ex

iPhone vs Android. PC vs Mac. Coke vs Pepsi. Xbox vs PS3. McDonald’s vs Burger King. Pizza Hut vs Domino’s. Already we live in a world dominated by brands. We support the products we love just as we advocate the politics we agree with. The corporations that make these products have gross incomes that rival […] Continue reading

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Real Virtual Reality

Many of the scientific advances in the next 50 years will be surprising and difficult to predict now. Nevertheless, there are certain technological fields with plausibly predictable futures. One such field is video games. The major advances in video games seem to accompany a change in perspective. The old games were generally presented from a […] Continue reading

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the Logic World

Now, let’s look 60 years back into the past, when the first electronic computer with capacity to store its own programs was invented; or even earlier, more than 200 years ago, when the “difference engine” (a mechanical device to solve math problems) was brought into being by a mathematics professor in Britain; or to travel […] Continue reading

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Robots and Post-Scarcity Society

Imagine a future reminiscent of the future featured in Frederik Pohl’s “The Midas Plague”, in which the entirety of the labor needed to provide for humanity’s needs and wants is performed by machines that operate automatically–by robots. This is hardly a new idea; a century and a half ago, many people were convinced that the […] Continue reading

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Ready or not…

To be honest, this isn’t my first choice (Harry Potter) or even my second (Pokemon), nor is it even something I would choice at all.  But it would be interesting, that’s for sure. I like zombies.  My friends and I, back home, knew exactly what we would do in case of a zombie apocalypse.  Ian […] Continue reading

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