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External Brain Drive

Nowadays, everyone likes to joke how Google is their second brain, or perhaps ridicule Google for making us so lazy.  At the rate which information is increasing these days, it is becoming impractical for people to be expected to remember any significant portion, which is why people rely on search engines for knowledge.  Simply having […] Continue reading

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Spartan 004, report for duty.

Everyone knows the place to be is somewhere like Reach. Imaging walking around in your two ton slab of steel riddled with the most advanced technology known to human-kind. No damage, no fear. Everything about that life sounds appealing. Imagine the adrenaline filled battles and the victorious triumph of slaying hordes of aliens. This life […] Continue reading

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Catch Em All

While some of you may “hit yourself in your own confusion” (Pokemon joke you may not get it) as to why I am not choosing Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s expansive world where I have spent over 150 days of play time, as the one I would most like to live in, I can promise you […] Continue reading

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The world of Hyrule

Let me start this off by asking: What is the greatest video game ever made?  Broad question, open to many opinions I realize.  By now you’re probably wondering what I think the answer to this question is, (no I’m not going to pick Assassin’s Creed).  The greatest game ever made is: “The Legend of Zelda: […] Continue reading

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Living in a Galaxy far far away

Sometimes, despite all the technology we have in today’s advanced society, one might yearn for more. It’s human nature, to want what you can’t have; thus, I think if I had to choose a fictional world in which to live, I’d choose the world of Star Wars. Sure, Facebook and smartphones are nice, but they […] Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time…

Do you know the muffin man? I do. Guess who is homies with the three little pigs. Me. Do you have  a beauty of a girlfriend who is  always sleeping? Obviously not. But I do. Where am I? I’m in the magical world of Shrek, where anything is possible. I probably wouldn’t want to be […] Continue reading

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Life on the Citadel

This may be the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. Ok, not really, but it’s up there. The question is, which video game or movie universe would I pick to live in? After some very critical thinking (and some coin tossing) I’ve decided that if  I had to choose a video game universe to […] Continue reading

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In the year 2050

Jerry had to speedwalk a good thirty more minutes until he’d reach his school.  He had gotten up late because the solar-powered alarm clock had been broken for a week now, and he didn’t have time to walk to the supply center for a replacement.  He wished that he was a better runner.  Running would […] Continue reading

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Closet Improvement

For many people, an earth-shattering technological breakthrough, and one that I believe will happen in the next fifty years, would be a closet that arranges outfits on its own. One would simply put an item into the closet, and the closet would, perhaps through some kind of scanner system, identify the type, style, color, fabric, […] Continue reading

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The Hogwarts Window

Admit it…you were disappointed when you didn’t get accepted to Hogwarts when you were 11. OK, we know that Hogwarts is a figment of our collective imagination, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an AWESOME place, nor does it mean that some really great ideas can’t be taken from it.  One of the coolest things […] Continue reading

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