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Braid Gives Old-School Mario Gameplay a New Twist

Playing Braid immediately reminded me of my first ever gameplay of the classic arcade style Mario games, where our hero is on his quest to save his Princess from the clutches of the monstrous Bowser. The overall two dimensional feel, the similarities in storyline, and even the exact motions Tim makes to move through the […] Continue reading

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Braid: Yeah, It’s Deep, but Let’s Look at the Basics

Yeah, just like everyone who completed Braid, I felt smart for figuring out the unconventional story. Then I felt not so smart when I realized the actual meaning of Braid beneath the surface (I won’t spoil it here). The game is praised for it revolutionary use of theming and “time-bending” gameplay mechanics. However, I came […] Continue reading

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Braid- A Perfect Experience.

Braid is an incredibly noteworthy gaming experience. The first thing that you are greeted to when you start the game for the first time is the beautiful water-color title screen- A city bathed in warm-yellow light. This magnificent art style persists throughout the game, but it is not what I will be focusing on within […] Continue reading

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Progressive Gaming in Braid

To start I am a very elementary gamer. I love the world of gaming I watch game play videos online and I enjoy watching my brother play occasionally. Though, I am not much of gamer my experience with Braid was a very positive! The games that I usually gravitate toward are racing games because of […] Continue reading

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Unleashing the Gamer Within

This was the first time I played a computer/video game in a very, very long time. I’m not very good at them and I definitely do not consider myself a “gamer”. I was a little hesitant when the homework assignment was to play Braid. Kelly and I sat anxiously as the game loaded- what had […] Continue reading

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Braid: Let the Games Begin

So as many of you will soon find, I am not much of a true gamer at all… I am absolutely horrible with video games.  That being said though, I really liked playing Braid (once I figured out how to use it thanks to the lovely Shao-Yu Chen for helping me out today).  I said I […] Continue reading

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A Braided Reflection

Personally, I have never played Braid until now, but being a prolific gamer and having seen my roommate play the game before, I have had some preparations and planning going into this assignment. On the other hand, my partner, Logan, is very new to video games, as far as I know. Once the game started, […] Continue reading

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Braid: A New Take on a Familiar Design

First of all, you must be aware that I would not consider myself a ‘gamer’ by any means; however, I did spend a considerable amount of time in my childhood playing around on various flash video game websites. Most of these games were simple and easy to get the hang of, requiring minimal commitment on […] Continue reading

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Discovering the Poetic Genius Within

For the post next Wednesday (9/11), students will choose 3-4 plate designs from The Songs of Innocence (from any of the editions accessible in the Blake Archive, listed under “Friends & Links” below) to create your own story about this compilation of “songs.”  You will arrange these plates in any order that helps illustrate your […] Continue reading

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Reflections on Braid

When I first heard that we would be playing a game called Braid, the first thing that popped into my head was an image of a Celtic knot, something in the style of Disney’s Brave. Of course, the actual game was very different from my conceptualization of it, but it was interesting nonetheless. I met […] Continue reading

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