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Free Friday: My Pen

My Pen is an incredibly creative picture book by Christopher Myers, a Coretta Scott King Honor author and Caldecott Honor illustrator. Through the pages, readers glance into the mind of a young boy who finds solace in drawing pictures with his pen. He describes his joy in drawing with an almost poetic flair. The boy’s narration […] Continue reading

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Weird Twitter

According to the syllabus, it looks like I missed a discussion on Twitter fiction this past Thursday. I’m quite bummed about that because Twitter is actually my main creative outlet, and I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about its unique narrative capabilities. In 2009, my friend Claire bugged me to get a Twitter … Continue reading “Weird Twitter” Continue reading

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What Else Can VR Do?

VR Games are incredible, even in their infancy. They give you a level of immersion that goes beyond anything that a standard television and monitor have and feature exciting controls that allows you to physically control your avatar as you do yourself. As such, the amount of variety and options that game developers have when … Continue reading “What Else Can VR Do?” Continue reading

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Achievements in Video Games

  Achievements are a huge part of video game culture.  Almost everyone who owns a console or Steam has earned at least one, and many gamers stake their gaming reputation on how many achievements they’ve gotten or how hard the ones they’ve completed are to get.  There are multiple websites and videos designed to help … Continue reading “Achievements in Video Games” Continue reading

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I Really Hope Mobile Gaming is Not the Future

I usually have a short attention span with games. Unless something really snags my attention early on, I leave it after a few hours of playing. Because of that, console or computer games can be a big commitment for me. I do my research, I watch game play videos, I read reviews, all to make … Continue reading “I Really Hope Mobile Gaming is Not the Future” Continue reading

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Virtual Hopes

VR is an exciting way to experience media in a more immersive way although it still has a long way to go before it is truly available for everyone to experience in their daily lives. This is largely because of the cost for a single setup even before you buy any games or interactive experiences … Continue reading “Virtual Hopes” Continue reading

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Traditional Thursday: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman (1991) Amazing Grace tells the story of a beautiful young girl who loves stories, adventures, and fun.  Grace often spends her time pretending to be characters from her favorite stories, including Joan of Arc, Anansi the Spider, and Hiawatha.  At school, her teacher explained that the class would be putting […] Continue reading

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Winner Wednesdays: Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny, written by Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett, illustrated by Matthew Myers, is an exceptionally funny and witty book showing the creativity that children can put forth. At first glance, this book seems to resemble a Little Golden Book. Upon further investigation however, readers can see that there are No. 2 pencil scribbles over the […] Continue reading

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Marvelous Mondays: Preaching to the Chickens

Preaching to the Chickens: The story of young John Lewis is a new book written by Jabari Asim and illustrated by E.B. Lewis. It gives us a glimpse into the childhood of John Lewis, a civil rights leader who was a member of the Freedom Riders, and is now a Georgia congressman. In this book, […] Continue reading

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My Name is · Me Llamo Celia

Para español, procede hacia abajo en esta misma  entrada. The award winning book, My Name is · Me llamo Celia, is one of a couple of bilingual books written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Rafael López.   They also created in the same spirit, Tito Puente: Mambo King · Rey de Mambo, This beautiful book is a […] Continue reading

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