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Diamond Rain?

Scientists are exploring the idea that diamonds rain down from the skies on Saturn and Jupiter. Methane exists in abundance in the atmospheres of these planets, and lighting storms turn this methane into soot (which is pure carbon). As the soot falls toward the planet’s surface, it hardens under intense pressures and forms small diamonds about… Continue reading Diamond Rain?Continue reading Continue reading

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The Voyager Golden Record

  The Voyager Golden Record was a disc of sounds and images included with both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both designed to study Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager 2 went on to study Uranus and Neptune, and is the only spacecraft to have visited them. However, these spacecraft are still gathering and emitting data even […]Continue reading Continue reading

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Money Speaks Louder than Human Voices

“Everything has a price.” This phrase in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake is not new, but it takes on a new meaning in the context of her novel (139). In today’s world, corporations dominate in every sphere from the economy to religion and politics. While Atwood’s world in which corporations have absolute control is unsettling, […] Continue reading

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The idea of discovering new “Earth-like” planets has always intrigue me! I mean, they could be habitable planets that we can ACTUALLY live in? Just like in Terra Nova (I’ll explain more about that series in the end of this post!). Super-Earth, in short, means exoplanets in which their masses are higher than Earth’s, extra … Continue reading Super-Earth(s)?Continue reading Continue reading

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Life: A Love Story

Sitting in my late-night astronomy lab last night, we watched a computer simulation (based completely on real, observed data) take us out as far into the universe as our understanding has gone. Starting in the Himalayas, Tibet, then Planet Earth, and rapidly, sooner than I thought possible, we were so far out of my realm … More Life: A Love StoryContinue reading Continue reading

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Pluto the Dwarf Planet

Many of us remember Pluto as the used-to-be 9th planet in our solar system that was demoted to a dwarf planet. So what makes Pluto a dwarf planet and not a planet? What is interesting about Pluto, and, if it was so small, how exactly was it discovered earlier than other dwarf planets?Continue reading Continue reading

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Naming the Moons

For my mother’s 50th birthday, we bought her a star. Though arbitrary, I remember the immense amount of pressure that I felt when I was trying to give the star a name, knowing that (at least in our household) I was participating in the excavation of the final frontier, putting a little mark in my … More Naming the MoonsContinue reading Continue reading

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The Solar Wind: Seeing with Eyes Shut

When thinking about outer space at a much more basic level, I remember being taught to think of the word “vacuum.” And as the narrator says in the video I watched, the space between planets is far from empty. A unique aspect of the sun’s weather known as the solar wind fills up some of … More The Solar Wind: Seeing with Eyes ShutContinue reading Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, & Totalitarian Control

Since the end of my Disney-princess days and the start of my adolescence I have been taught that apathy is beautiful and to love is to submit yourself to ruin. There are about five different abbreviations to say to your friends via text, “I don’t care,” and countless others to describe a sexual relationship you’re […] Continue reading

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  I’m Australian Too is a new book by the beloved children’s book author Mem Fox and illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh. With beautiful illustration of families from diverse cultural and national backgrounds as well as various sceneries in Australia, I’m Australian Too celebrates multiculturalism within Australia, appreciates the country’s inclusiveness and hospitality, and invites immigrants who migrate from […] Continue reading

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