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From Voxcoder to SIGSALY

The Voxcoder was one of the most interesting things I have ever heard of. The origin of the machine, being just a voice changer/imitator, really made me wonder what the creator had in mind when he made the machine. Being able to replicate a human or animal voice opens up so many pathways such as […] Continue reading

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Creating an Intriguing Podcast

The most interesting thing I discovered about the episode was how much of an impact the work of Bell Labs has on our lives today. In listening to the description of the amazing machine from the World’s Fair in 1939, I immediately assumed that all of its technology was incredibly outdated. However, I was amazed […] Continue reading

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The Full Circle of a Voder

I do not listen to podcast at all. They are just not something that I bother to make time for. However, if I had to trust one media outlet with persuading to me to do otherwise, it would be Vox. They always know how to make a story interesting, and if it is already interesting, […] Continue reading

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Cryptography Based in Recreation

99% Invisible’s “Vox Ex Machina” tells of the history of vocal synthesis. This episode of the podcast was very informative, following vocal synthesis from it’s inception to its modern-day applications. As I learned during the episode, vocal synthesis played a key role in secure communications for the Allies during World War 2. I found this interesting […] Continue reading

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From War Machine to “Wow! Double Rainbow”

99% Invisible’s podcast Vox Ex Machina is an excellent telling of the story of speech encryption. I found myself listening to a  intriguing story that sounding nothing like a excerpt from a textbook, and one can tell that the producers definitely enjoyed what they were talking about. This in turn made me take notice of the […] Continue reading

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Old Information in a New Way

The podcast “Cipher, or Greenhow Girls” from The Memory Palace was particularly intriguing and cleverly done. The producer of this podcast incorporated music, details, and descriptions which draw the listener in. Instead of feeling as though you are listening to a textbook, the producer weaves a narrative that is both relatable and interesting. Short segments […] Continue reading

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Tell me a story

The Memory Palace’s blog Greenway Girls in centered around the life of Rose Greenway and her mother also Rose Greenway. Interestingly, the main character in the story was the daughter, who actually didn’t have much to do with ciphers bar her 8-month stint in prison with her mother. The way the story was told leaves […] Continue reading

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Number Stations

The 97th episode of 99% invisible was particularly interesting because of the way the way it was produced. Instead of making it a 20-minute voice over of just the narrator speaking, he added sound effects and background audio that were very relevant to the theme and the ambience of the podcast. Moreover, the actual content […] Continue reading

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Jack’s Worry

Jack’s Worry by Sam Zuppardi encourages children to confront their fears. Jack is a little boy who is excited about playing his trumpet in concert. However, in the time leading up to the concert, his “Worry” won’t stop following him! Jack is nervous and afraid that he will make mistakes and disappoint his mom. The […] Continue reading

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From the perspective of the losing side

I listened to Cipher, or Greenhow girls The Memory Palace episode 111 and I thought it was so interesting how they started first from older Rose’s perspective and then transitioned to trying to empathize with little Rose after her mother passed. The chronological way the podcast was delivered made it very easy to follow and the music […] Continue reading

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