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La La La

Described as a story of hope, La La La by Kate DiCamillo is a nearly wordless picture book that captures the emotions of the process of finding a friend. Jaime Kim’s illustrations use bright colors, incredible detail, and soft features to bring this story to life. This story follows a little girl’s journey as she explores […] Continue reading

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Super Happy Magic Forest

Super Happy Magic Forest, written and illustrated by Matty Long, tells the story of five brave heroes from the Super Happy Magic Forest who must go on a quest to recover the Magic Crystals of Life after they are stolen. These crystals are the source of the forest’s happiness, so they must be returned as […] Continue reading

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Vampires, Zombies, and Trump — Oh, My!

The 2016 presidential election signaled countless changes to life in the United States: a president who tweets at 3 a.m., an all-powerful first daughter, attempts to repeal common-sense healthcare efforts, etc. The swearing-in of another Republican leader is also likely to affect the content in venues that might surprise some Americans: their local multiplexes. Followers […] Continue reading

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Z is for Moose

Z is for Moose is the creative work of author Kelly Bingham and Caldecott-winning illustrator Paul Zelinsky. This unconventional alphabet book brings a unique twist to the classic format with the addition of a fun-loving moose and a serious zebra. The confused moose attempts to insert himself on all the wrong pages while the zebra […] Continue reading

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Big Words For Little Geniuses

Big Words For Little Geniuses is a children’s picture book, written by Susan and James Patterson, illustrated by Hsingping Pan, and published this year by Little, Brown and Company.  And yes, the James Patterson who cowrote this children’s book is the same famous adult novel author James Patterson that holds the Guiness World Record for the […] Continue reading

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The inspiration for the text and illustrations in Levi Pinfold’s Greenling was, the book jacket tells us, “a chili plant growing through a crack in the concrete of his back step.” This 2015 book successfully captures those wondrous and innocent abilities of the organic: to both permeate its surroundings and to change hearts. Although the book […] Continue reading

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Neely's News 2017-11-16 07:00:48

Many: The Diversity of Life on Earth by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Emily Sutton is a phenomenal informational picture book about living things on our planet. The story is told from the perspective of a little girl learning about the world around her and strives to explain the differences between species, relationships between species, […] Continue reading

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Emily Gravett’s The Rabbit Problem

Emily Gravett’s playful representation of the Fibonacci sequence in her children’s book The Rabbit Problem, is known for its unique use of media and style to illustrate the story.   This book is a deserving winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, for its creativity of the ilustrations that become the backbone of the entire story.  Emily […] Continue reading

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Town Is by the Sea

Town is by the Sea, written by Joanne Schwartz and illustrated by Sydney Smith, is the story of a young boy’s normal day in his house by the sea. It weaves the story of his day along with his constant thoughts about his father who works in a coal mine underneath the sea. The story […] Continue reading

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Pacific Rim and Cognitive Hybridity

  Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 sci-fi flick Pacific Rim begins with a series of flashbacks that sketch out the fictional history of the Kaiju War. The Kaiju (Japanese for “monsters” like Godzilla) are a species of giant and deadly alien invaders who are somehow finding their way into the Pacific Ocean through an inter-dimensional portal, […] Continue reading

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