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Pausing the Clock

               Death comes for all of us. It is the great equalizer across the human species, and life in general for that matter. All life must come to an end. But what if it did not have to be this way? What if humans could obtain biological immortality? What could we achieve if we could […] Continue reading

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Archeoastronomy and the Newgrange monument

Newgrange is a monument located in County Meath, Ireland.  This mysterious structure is estimated to be over 5,000 years old and was built by ancient inhabitants of Ireland during the Neolithic period.  Since its construction, word of the structure was passed down through generations as part of Irish folklore.  In the meantime, the mound-like shape…

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“Big and Bad” – but mostly bad

This Traditional Thursday, I got the exciting opportunity to read a Three Little Pigs adaptation called “Big and Bad”. This well-loved tale had me eager to see a fresh take on it. Instead, what we get is a fairly bland retelling with somewhat terrifying illustrations. As someone who had nightmares over “Where the Wild Things […] Continue reading

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Winner Wednesday: Last Stop on Market Street

For Winner Wednesday, I chose the 2016 Newbery Medal winner, Last Stop on Market Street. This book has also been praised as a Caldecott Honor Book and a Coretta Scott King Honor Book for its illustrations. Last Stop on Market Street is a colorful story filled with strong, but subtle messages about appreciating the beauty […] Continue reading

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Or more specifically, let’s talk about the intersection between art and science fiction, which seems to be an important intersection for sci-fi writers and fans in their desire to be “taken seriously” as a genre and, by extension, an art form. Before we start, it’s worth considering that maybe this desire and our preoccupation with […] Continue reading

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Moving in Circles: Apparent Retrograde Motion

Over a single night, the planets behave much like the stars; they appear to rise in the east and set in the west. However, over the course of many nights, one will recognize that the movement of planets among the stars is quite intricate. The speeds and brightnesses of the planets fluctuate significantly, and while … Continue reading Moving in Circles: Apparent Retrograde Motion Continue reading Continue reading

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Civilizations Beyond Earth: Possibilities

In many of the stories we’ve read this semester, humans (and/or aliens) create and inhabit settlements or civilizations beyond earth – either in massive spacecraft or on other planets. Are there common characteristics of these settlements? Are there certain physical traits that these settlements exhibit that are unique? Are there certain social structures that foster […] Continue reading

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Located in Southeast Mexico, Chichen Itza served as the home to one of the largest Mayan cities and possesses pristine examples of complex archeoastronomy. Perhaps the most interesting structure is the pyamid El Castillo which translates to “the castle.” This pyramid serves as a prime example due to its complex engineering and design that highlights … Continue reading Archeoastronomy Continue reading Continue reading

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Consciousness and Personal Identity

A philosophical analysis of speculative fiction film Get Out Get Out is a speculative fiction film I’m sure many of you have seen. The premise: a community of wealthy white individuals that kidnap black people, and insert their brains—and consciousnesses—into the “physically advantageous” black people’s bodies. The consciousnesses of the black people go into the “sunken […] Continue reading

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Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes

Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes was published in November of 2018 and has received praise for being a “fresh take on a fairy tale” (Forbes). The book was listed on the New York Times best seller list and was featured in Oprah Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide this past holiday season. The book centers around […] Continue reading

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